Horchata is a traditional sweetened drink made from rice, or sometimes almonds and/or tiger nuts, vanilla, and cinnamon, most often in its native Spain. The drink’s origins are unclear but are thought to lie in North Africa and Indian Ocean regions. Some authorities claim it was brought to the New World via Spanish explorers, while others believe that the use of rice and tiger nut as ingredients dates back further still.


Native Ingredients' Team


Sales & Marketing Leader

Chris is a skilled Business leader in Sales Strategy, Business Development, and Marketing. Chris has managed upward of $220M and teams of more than 200 people during his career. Chris has worked across the U.S. and Europe, selling various products and services directly to key business decision-makers.


Product & Supply Chain Leader

Cameron develops Native Ingredients products. He holds a bachelor's degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management. He aims to improve what we eat, and how we eat it.